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Speaker CoachingTEDxBerlinBerlin

Shaping messages and ideas worth spreading

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It takes a great deal of preparation to craft a TEDx talk until they are concise and entertaining. Speakers not only need to convey their expert knowledge to the 500-strong audience, each talk should also touch and inspire.

From 2009 – 2014, I offered individual coaching to guest speakers at TEDx conferences in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. Over the course of several sessions with me, they learned to redesign their speeches from scratch and hone their delivery.

Again and again, the speakers I worked with told me that our coaching sessions left them feeling thoroughly prepared, ready to deliver their talks freely and with ambition. Training with the Story Embodiment™ method allowed them to completely internalize the message they wanted to convey. This transformed their time on stage into an intense, inspiring experience for both the speakers and their audience.

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Project Review
Fabian Hemmert The Shape shifting Mobile
Malte Spitz Your phone company is watching
”After having held hundreds of lectures, Ole Tillmann's coaching was almost like a rebirth. I can heartily recommend this glimpse into a professional mirror to even the most experienced speaker.”
Wolram Putz Graft Architects
”What a surprising pleasure to take apart complex materials with Ole and combine them into an exciting story.”
Professor Axel Kufus University of Arts Berlin
”Ole Tillmann simply put together an ingenious script for my speech in our coaching session.”
Professor Achim Peters Medical University of Lübeck
Professor Reto Wettach Toward a Democratization of Hardware
”I never stood as well prepared on stage as after my coaching session with Ole."
Verena Pausder
Mark Turrell The Air we Breathe
”Ole has an incredible sense for the strength and weaknesses of the people he works with. After one hour I had learned more from Ole than in the 1000 lectures I gave before."
Thomas Auer Transsolar