Leadership CoachingSoho House GroupLondon

Leadership CoachingSoho House GroupLondon

Coaching the general managers of Soho House Group

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Self-reflection makes better managers. That’s why the Soho House Group asked me to work with all 26 general managers on its board to create individualized profiles using the Reiss Profile method. This highly effective scientific diagnostic tool provides a personality profile that is as individual as a fingerprint and is often used in professional sports and executive professional development.

First, the Soho House managers filled out an online questionnaire. Their responses were evaluated and consolidated into a personality profile. Finally, I met with each manager in individual coaching sessions in London to discuss the results.

Working with the Reiss Profile usually triggers an intensive process of self-reflection, through which clients come to better understand themselves. This leads to improved self-management, developing more nuanced perceptions of oneself and others, recognizing personal behavioral patterns and broadening the range of possible action.

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